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Let My Screen Design create a garage, pergola or gazebo illusion that will shock people, bring beauty to your home, provide privacy, and protect you from insects.

Why have just an ordinary garage or outdoor space?

You can have a garage or pergola that will make people look twice and make your home beautiful.
Who is to say “you can’t have a beach or the mountains in your back yard!” Well now you can.
Why not have a a red Ferrari or an airplane parked in your garage

The Benefits

1. Garage and back yard privacy.
2. Protection from insects.
3. Clear view through screen fabric from inside the garage or pergola.
4. Easily folds up
5. Easy installation in less than 5 minutes.
6. Quality mesh screen, weatherproof fabric.
7. Image printed directly on screen fabric for realistic illusion.
8. Custom screen images, Send us your image.
9. No tearing Velcro to hassle with.
10. No breakable zippers to hassle with.
11. Free Shipping
12. Made in The U.S.A.

My Screen Design creates garage door screen images, pergola screen images and gazebo screen images, and prints them on an air through screen mesh fabric. It is simple to install and easy to use. When you are in the garage or your pergola you can see right through the fabric. So if you spend time in your garage or in your yard either working relaxing or just hanging out in the man cave we have created your solution to privacy. You can see the neighbors but they can’t see you! What they see is a red Ferrari, a locomotive a mountain view or what your heart desires. Choose your dream car or a picture from your favorite place. Possibilities are endless! You can also make a request for something particular and we will design a custom image for your garage. 

Things to know

Prices are based on size of screen. Click here for pricing. If you don’t see the size you need Click here for a Custom Size Quote .

If you would like to use your own image Click here for a Custom Design Request.

Shipping is included on all orders.

Not only are these images interesting and beautiful, they are also functional.

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Animal Screens

Animal Screens

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