Garage Door Screen Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Garage Door Screens

Where is the Garage Door Screen mounted on a garage door opening?
The Garage Door Screen is mounted (in front of the doorstop, one-inch wood strips) at the top of the garage door entrance.


Can the Garage Door Screen be left up full time?
Yes. The Garage Door Screen is designed to be left up throughout the season.


How long does it take to install the Garage Door Screen?
It only takes about 5 minutes. To take it down takes only a couple seconds.


What holds the Garage Door Screen to the floor?
We will send you two small eye hooks to hook the screen to if you choose.



Can we order custom screen sizes different than what is shown on the price sheet?
Yes, we will custom cut screen doors to meet most customers requirements, from 3 ‘ wide and 4 ′high to 18 ‘ wide and 12 ‘ high.


Can Garage Door Screens be used on gazebos, patios, carports, or porches?
Yes they can and often they are used for these purposes.
What is the warranty on the Garage Door Screens?
One year from the date of purchase on workmanship and materials. This warranty excludes damage done by a sharp object, such as a knife, or an animal trying to scratch through the screen or a vehicle that has run into the screen.
What color are the screens?
Screens are white on the inside and they have the image on the outside.
How can I be assured of a good fit?
Make sure when you place your order that you measure the width and height of your garage door frame. Most garage doors are a standard width and height and can be selected from the size drop down box. If you think you may have a non-standard sized garage door we can cater to any size you need. Just let us know what the actual size is when you place your order by calling or e-mailing us.


Do your screens mount inside or outside of our garage door?
Our garage door screens have been designed to mount on the outside of your garage but either way could work.


Is everything I need to install my garage door screen included?
Everything needed to install your screen is included.


What tools will I need?
Just a hammer and nails.


Is there any preparation needed before mounting my screen?
Absolutely and it is simple. Just make sure you have an open space to attache the screen.


Should we be concerned about the size we order if our door is a little shorter and not so wide?
No. as long as the exact width and height are specified when you place your order.


How do they hold up to the wind?
Wind will not damage your screen.


How do you maintain and clean your screen?
The best thing to do is lightly spray it with a hose. The dust just rinses off


How does shipping work?
Once you place your order with the accurate measurements the image printing will begin. Once the image is printed and dried we will ship using UPS ground. We are only shipping within the United Sates at the moment unless you would be willing to cover the additional shipping costs. It generally takes 3 – 4 weeks to receive your screen.




What is the Return Policy on the screens?
Due to the fact that your screen is custom printed for you, your payment is actually used for the cost of the product. There for we are unable to issue refunds at this time. Maybe in the future when we have more screens than we know what to do with. But chances you are going to love it!